Urology San Antonio

Dr. Jones uses innovative treatment options for male incontinence

Dr. Jones is proud to be in private practice at Urology San Antonio, a respected urology group that has served the urologic health needs of men and women throughout San Antonio since 1996. Dr. Jones serves as the Associate Director for the practice’s clinical trials division, Urology San Antonio Research and regularly participates in on-site clinical trials. To date, Urology San Antonio Research has conducted more than 300 studies in areas including benign prostatic hyperplasia, bladder cancer, erectile dysfunction, overactive bladder, prostate cancer and female sexual dysfunction.

Urology San Antonio has a goal of achieving the best treatment results for patients with urologic conditions. Our team of skilled urologists, nurse practitioners, laboratory technicians, as well as our dedicated oncologist and physician assistant, work together to offer comprehensive care for men and women experiencing symptoms and complications of the urinary system as well as concerns about their sexual health. Our practice also offers on-site radiation therapy, imaging services, pathology services and free health education seminars.

Dr. Jones sees patients at the Urology San Antonio Center for Men’s Health & Wellness, adjacent to the practice’s northwest clinic location. At the Urology San Antonio Center for Men’s Health & Wellness, men receive treatment for their urologic health concerns from an all-male medical team in a comfortable, men’s-only setting.