Urology San Antonio Develops Men’s Health Clinic

Urology San Antonio has opened a new men’s-only clinic that will address male sexual and reproductive health concerns.

The all-male medical staff at the Urology San Antonio Center for Men’s Health & Wellness will treat erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate,
low testosterone and male fertility issues.

“Urologists have always been the experts in men’s health. At this center, we address guys’ private health issues in a way that is not embarrassing and gives men the real solutions they need,” says Dr. LeRoy A. Jones, who treats patients along with Dr. John R. Case.

“There’s been a huge interest in men’s health in the last few years. You hear a lot of advertising for low T and erectile dysfunction clinics, but unfortunately many of those centers do abbreviated medical work ups, which can be dangerous, or they don’t offer all of the treatments that are available,” says Case.

“Since guys might not know what to ask, they can be taken advantage of or at worst, harmed. Our center gives guys responsible medical care in a confidential, focused setting.”

The clinic is located in a 3,600-square-foot medical suite in the Pasteur Plaza medical complex at 7909 Fredericksburg Road, Suite 227.

Urology San Antonio operates the largest urology group in South Texas with 27 physicians, six mid-level providers, eight urology clinics and 200 employees.