Dr. LeRoy Jones has multiple treatment options for erectile dysfunction

I specifically wish to thank Dr. Jones for his help, persistence, and forceful correspondence to make me take action [about a medical issue] that I definitely had been putting off and delaying. Thanks, Dr. Jones! I really appreciate your help and motivation!

~Bruce, patient

I want to thank you for your willingness to give Grand Rounds and to share your operative expertise with the Urology Section's attending surgeons and residents. [...] Thank you for assisting us in providing the highest quality surgical care to our veterans.

~James M. Goff, Jr., MD, FACS

Kirby Goman went to his general practitioner for issues related to urination. Shortly after his visit Kirby was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. After 42 radiation treatments Kirby was cancer free, but struggling with erectile dysfunction. After visiting Dr. Jones, Kirby was told that he was a candidate for an inflatable penile prosthesis. After receiving the surgery Kirby finally had his quality of life back. Click here to listen to full story.

Dr. Jones, On behalf of the Sexual Medicine Society Board of Directors and the Society of Urologic and Prosthetic Surgeons Board of Directors, thank you very much for taking part in this year's [training] lab. The residents attending were all extremely pleased with the opportunity to learn from such a dynamic, skilled group of experts. Additionally, we know that you participated in this lab at your own time and expense, and we can't thank you enough for committing toward the growth of the society in this way.

~Larry Levine, MD