Surgery Information

Scheduling Your Surgery

Within 3 to 4 business days of your visit with Dr. Jones, expect a call from your surgery coordinator.  Your coordinator will review any medical allergies you may have, explain what pre-operative tests are required and coordinate a surgery date among you, Dr. Jones, and the surgical facility.

Surgery Days

Dr. Jones has performs all hospital and surgery center procedures on Tuesdays.

Hospital Affiliations

While Dr. Jones is credentialed to see patients at most hospitals in the city, he has dedicated operating room time for non-emergency cases at Methodist Hospital and Pasteur Plaza Surgery Center. The teams at these facilities are used to working closely with Dr. Jones and have the needed surgical equipment for your procedure.

Insurance Verification

Once your surgery date is scheduled, our office will verify your insurance’s coverage policies for the procedure. If an authorization, pre-certification or a referral from your primary care provider or insurance carrier is required, we’ll request it on your behalf.

Aspirin-Containing Medications

All patients preparing for surgery must stop taking herbal supplements and aspirin-containing medications at least 7 days prior to surgery. These medications interfere with blood clotting and continuing to take them could lead to excessive bleeding during and after your procedure.

  • If you have questions about whether you can take a particular medication, ask your surgery coordinator.

Pre-Operative Testing

To make sure your body is fit to undergo surgery, Dr. Jones may require that you undergo pre-operative testing. Your surgery coordinator will explain what tests are needed and where you should go to complete them. You must complete all of the tests prior to your surgery date or your surgery may be canceled.

Hospital Pre-Registration

Once your surgery coordinator has scheduled your procedure, you may contact the surgical facility to  pre-register for your visit. Most surgical facilities allow you to pre-register online, by phone or in person. During pre-registration, you will receive additional information about what to expect during your time in the hospital.

The Day Before Surgery

Your surgery coordinator will call you the day before your procedure to review final instructions and answer any questions.

Unless you have been told otherwise by your coordinator, do not eat or drink ANYTHING (not even gum, mints or water) after midnight the night before surgery.

The Morning of Surgery

If you are diabetic and taking insulin or an oral diabetes medication, do not take your medication the morning of the procedure. The nurse at the hospital will check your blood sugar and give you any medication that may be required.

Arrive at the hospital at the designated time and report to the “admitting” area for check in.

Going Home

Your surgery coordinator will tell you how long you can expect to stay in the hospital. If you received general anesthesia (were put to sleep), you must arrange for someone to drive you home from the hospital.

Follow-Up Appointment

The hospital nurse will tell you when Dr. Jones would like to see you in his office for your first post-surgery appointment.