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Dr. Jones uses innovative treatment options for male incontinence

Life After Prostate Cancer: Solutions for Urinary Leakage

Urology San Antonio Health Education Seminar Dr. LeRoy A. Jones reviews the surgical treatment options for moderate and severe urinary incontinence in men who develop the problem as a result of prostate cancer treatment. Specifically, he explains the artificual urinary sphincter and the male urinary sling. Listen to the seminar

Peyronie’s Disease Lecture

Urology San Antonio Community Education Seminar Peyronie’s disease is a condition marked by penile curvature, indentation, and loss of penile length. Depending on the severity, Peyronie's Disease can have a debilitating impact on a man's ability to remain intimate. In this podcast, excerpted from a community education seminar, urologist LeRoy A. Jones, MD educates men and their partners about the causes and expectations for treatment of this difficult medical condition. Listen to the seminar | Download the transcript

Straight Talk About Erectile Dysfunction

Urology San Antonio Health Education Seminar Dr. LeRoy A. Jones explains each of the treatment options for erectile dysfunction with special emphasis on the surgical treatment options for men whose ED is a side effect of prostate cancer treatment, diabetes or heart disease. Listen to the seminar

Low Testosterone - Seminar Transcript

Urology San Antonio Community Education Seminar
By age 55, 1 man in 3 will experience symptoms of low testosterone sometimes known as andropause or “male menopause.” Symptoms include: diminished sex drive and performance, lack of energy, depressed mood, decreased muscle mass and strength. In this seminar Dr. Jones explains the causes, symptoms, testing process and treatment for low testosterone.

Listen to the seminar | Read the transcript