Psychological Causes of ED

Erections often begin in the mind as a result of emotional stimulation. So it stands to reason that erectile dysfunction is sometimes caused by psychological factors, in addition to physical diseases or conditions. However most causes of ED is from a physical cause.

The most common psychological causes of impotence include:

  • Stress: If work, home life, money problems, or other issues are causing you a great deal of stress, that stress can lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Depression: Symptoms of depression include lack of interest in activities that were once pleasurable, feelings of worthlessness, and difficulty concentrating, all of which could contribute to erectile dysfunction.
  • Performance anxiety: At one time or another, most men will have some difficulty obtaining or maintaining an erection. Fear of repeated performance failure can lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Relationship issues: A good relationship with your significant other is conducive to a healthy sex life. On the other hand, relationship problems can sometimes carry over into the bedroom and result in erectile dysfunction.

Less common psychological causes of erectile dysfunction include childhood physical or sexual abuse.

For more information on the psychological causes of ED, contact Dr. Leroy Jones, urologist, of San Antonio.