Penile Implant (Penile Prosthesis)

A penile implant is a surgical treatment for impotence. During the surgery, a prosthetic device is embedded in the penis, enabling you to get an erection. Because it requires surgery, penile implant is usually not considered as an ED treatment until it has been determined that other, less severe treatments for erectile dysfunction (e.g., oral ED medications or penile injection), have been tried unsuccessfully.

Types of Penile Implants

There are two types of penile implants:

  1. Non-inflatable penile implant
  2. Inflatable penile implant

Non-Inflatable Penile Implants

Non-inflatable penile implants are flexible rods (cylinders) that remain semi-erect at all times; prior to sexual intercourse, the rods can be adjusted to make them fully erect. The surgery for non-inflatable implants is less extensive than the surgery for inflatable penile implants. On the other hand, non-inflatable penile implants do not look as natural as inflatable implants, and some men may be uncomfortable having a non-stop erection.

Inflatable Penile Implants

Inflatable penile implants are the type of penile implant used most often. They can be inflated for sexual intercourse (with a pump beneath the scrotum) and deflated after intercourse. Inflatable implants look more natural than non-inflatable implants; however, the surgery to implant them is more extensive and they have a higher risk of failure.

Penile Implant Surgery

Before penile implant surgery, you’ll be given an IV medication to make you sleep. During your surgery, the implant cylinder will be placed inside your penis. The pump will go under your scrotum, and the reservoir that holds the fluid to inflate the implant will go under the muscles in your groin area.

Sex After Penile Implant

After penile implant surgery, you’ll still be able to feel sensation in your penis and be able to ejaculate. In fact, the majority of men (more than 90%) who get penile implants say they’re glad they did it. However, you should know that once the implant is in, you may no longer be able to get a spontaneous erection.

Penile Implant Complications

Penile implant surgery does have some risks. Complications may include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Device failure
  • Erosion
  • Scar tissue formation

For more information on the penile implant / penile prosthesis, contact Dr. Leroy Jones, ED doctor, San Antonio, TX.