Dr. Jones treats patients with erectile dysfunction

Providing Hope for Infertility

Providing Hope for Infertility MD New San Antonio March 2011 "Roughly 10-15% of American couples experience infertility. At Urology San Antonio, comprehensive services are available to address male factor infertility"

Fully Functional: How Dr LeRoy Jones Is Restoring Quality of Life for Men Through Sexual Medicine

A male patient in his mid-60s walks into his primary care physician’s office. He is nervous about his appointment because it might get embarrassing. He tells the nurse his reason for being there is “personal” and then is seated in an exam room. His doctor walks in and asks, “So what seems to be the problem?” The patient responds, hesitating, “I can’t seem to get an erection anymore.” The doctor replies, “It is probably just in your head, besides your getting up in age.

Penile Implants : Playing a Role in the Era of Oral Medications

San Antonio Medicine, Dec. 2007 By LeRoy A. Jones, MD " 'Minister’s sex implant opens neighbor’s garage door,' reads the headline on a news clipping that I share during my community health seminars."

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New Drug Addresses Premature Ejaculation

San Antonio Express-News August 8, 2005 "Judging from the ubiquitious for Viagra and its sister medications on television, you'd think the most common sexual problem for men was erectile dysfunction, or ED as it's now commonly known. It isn't."

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Beyond the blue pill: exploring treatment options for erectile dysfunction

South Texas Medicine Winter 2004 "'I see many men who come to the office seeking Viagra because they recognize the product, but it may turn out that a different medication or a different type of treatment is right for them,'" says LeRoy A. Jones, MD, a board-certified urologist and sexual medicine specialist with Urology San Antonio."

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Urology San Antonio Develops Men’s Health Clinic

Urology San Antonio has opened a new men’s-only clinic that will address male sexual and reproductive health concerns. The all-male medical staff at the Urology San Antonio Center for Men’s Health & Wellness will treat erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate, low testosterone and male fertility issues. “Urologists have always been the experts in men’s health. At this center, we address guys’ private health issues in a way that is not embarrassing and gives men the real solutions they need,” says Dr.

Prostate Test Helped Detect Cancer

Patient Bruce Mabrito shares his prostate cancer story with San Antonio Express-News “There is no way I can have cancer! My mom and dad never had cancer, neither did any of my grandparents, nor my two brothers. I don't smoke or drink alcohol. No way that I could have cancer,” I said over and over with great confidence. This is a story about how wrong one can be about cancer, about the great groups of health care professionals in our Alamo City, and how you cannot make assumptions about cancer.....